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Email Essentials

Author(s): Shirley Taylor
ISBN: 978 981 4771 72 6

Reading, writing and managing e-mail is taking up an increasing amount of our time. But are we using it right? Just as body language helps you to make an impression in person, what you write and how you write it affects what people think of you and your organisation. Be it a thank you note, a meeting reminder, a proposal or a sales pitch, a well-written message that looks and sounds professional will make it easier for people to want to do business with you. It will help people feel good about communicating with you and help you achieve the right results.

This invaluable guide offers step-by-step pointers that readers can put into practice right away. The highlight of the book is a series of 10 model email templates, covering scenarios like requests for information, conveying bad news, complaints and sales prospecting. These are explained and analysed to show what makes them simple yet effective.

This book is available here

Honest Good Food

Author(s): Chef Benny Se Teo
ISBN: 978 981 4771 02 3

Chef Benny Se Teo is the creative force behind a highly successful chain of restaurants, known not just for its hearty, no-nonsense good food, but also for its continuing efforts to help ex-offenders and youths at risk.

Himself an ex-offender, Chef Benny's inspirational life story is now the backdrop of his first cookbook, Honest Good Food, where he brings together a collection of comfort food recipes, inspired by his childhood memories and personal experiences, and most notably his internship at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen in London.

With punchy quotes, personal anecdotes and cooking tips, Honest Good Food provides an insight into what drives this plain-speaking chef, his culinary secrets, and what some of his favourite dishes are. As Chef Benny says, "cooking, like life, becomes better through trial and error. If the experiment fails, just try again!"

This book is available here

Primary Eureka (3 books)

Author(s): Diana Tham
978 981 47 7109 2 (Book 1)
978 981 47 7110 8 (Book 2)
978 981 47 7111 5 (Book 3)

The three books in the Primary Eureka series feature outstanding primary school compositions written, selected, compiled and edited by English Language and Literature specialist, Diana Tham. The works are her own as well as standout pieces by her students, providing model structures and valuable tips to help primary school pupils crystallise their ideas and maximise their creative potential for writing stellar compositions in everyday schoolwork, examinations and beyond.

Book 1 is available here

Book 2 is available here

Book 3 is available here

Big Bear Comics Book 1 & 2

Author(s): Lin Wenpei
9789814741972 (Book 1)
9789814741989 (Book 2)

The author of this comic series, Wenpei, first published her comic in Chee Sze Poh Press, and also contributed comics for Lianhe Zaobao.

This series features characters – Big Bear and his young friends. Big Bear is kind, witty and wise and is the companion and teacher to the children. Whenever they have questions about life, Big Bear is always there to offer guidance.

This comic series comprises two books. Each book is categorised into four themes: friendship, learning, everyday encounter and growing up.

  • Chinese-English vocabulary list
  • Notes for each comic strip to aid reader's understanding
  • Back cover flap doubles up as a bookmark

This series is available at all major bookstores.

Primary Science Concept Maps Revision Guide

Author(s): Eugene Tay, Doris Chng
ISBN: 9789814741965

This book helps pupils revise quickly and effectively for school examinations and PSLE through concept maps that consolidate key concepts and show the relationships between them to make learning meaningful.

Thematic revision notes reinforce learning with a summary of the essential concepts pupils need to know for the examinations.

This series is available at all major bookstores.

Distinction in Mathematics: Tests and Examinations

Author(s): Ang Ying Thye
9789814433631 (Secondary 1)
9789814443111 (Secondary 2)
9789814661140 (Secondary 3)
9789814684378 (Secondary 4)

Distinction in Mathematics: Tests and Examinations (Secondary 1, 2, 3 & 4) is specially designed for students to apply their knowledge of mathematical concepts in tests and examinations.

  • Six topical test papers and four comprehensive examination papers
  • Checklist of learning objectives at the end of every test paper allows students to keep track of their progress
  • One More Like This questions, found in the answer section of this book, provide students with more practice on specific types of questions

This series is available at all major bookstores.